australia scenes, part two: melbourne and the great road trip

Scenes from our honeymoon in Australia. Food, drink, travel, friends.

Now that over a month has passed since we got back from Australia and my “I just spent three weeks on the beach” glow has unquestionably faded, I think it’s time for a little more reminiscing on our honeymoon. I need a little reminder of carefree summer times to power through these last few months of excessive bundling up in an unheated flat.

When I last left off, we had just returned from our New Years adventures on a farm in Mulloon. After that, Leo and I hopped on a plane in Sydney and flew to Melbourne, just the two of us, for a few days of exploring the coffee capital. We stayed in a minimalist-chic Airbnb in Fitzroy, surrounded by colorful graffiti and too many cute cafés to count.

We ate our first meal at Industry Beans, which I had been obsessing over since I found it on Instagram a few weeks before (broccoflower, activated charcoal purée, pickled beetroot, avocado cashew butter, puffed grains, and a pea-dusted poached egg, all on one plate. Need I say more?). We explored the neighborhood on foot, stopping frequently to take photographs and drink Aperol Spritzes. The next day, we wandered through the Royal Botanic Gardens, then took a trip to St. Kilda to try to spot the penguins that waddle out onto the beach at dusk. We were a little too early to see them, but I did manage to drink a glass of wine at a bar overlooking the ocean. You win some, you lose some.

Scenes from our honeymoon in Australia. Food, drink, travel, friends. Scenes from our honeymoon in Australia. Food, drink, travel, friends. Scenes from our honeymoon in Australia. Food, drink, travel, friends. Read more

australia scenes, part one: sydney, the blue mountains, and farm adventures

I’ve finally had some time to sort through all my pictures from our honeymoon, so here they are! Look at them and imagine you are on a beach in Australia in the summertime, eating a Golden Gaytime and feeling wild and free.

Upon our arrival in Sydney, after spending Christmas day in the Abu Dhabi airport, we were ready for some fresh air and a meal that wasn’t plane food. Alex took us into the city and we found a cute, crowded café called Mad Spuds. I had halloumi for breakfast and I was so disoriented from 24 hours of travel and excited to be on the other side of the world and hungry that I didn’t even take a picture of it. We also visited two Westfield malls so that Leo could buy an Akubra hat and reach his final form.

The next day, Leo and I met up with our friend Simon and ate damn good chicken burgers at Little-L in Bondi, played with puppies on the beach at Rose Bay, drank old fashioneds in Erskineville, and ordered far too much Thai food in Newtown. The row houses in Newtown come in a rainbow of popsicle colors—dreamy.

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a biddie in belgium (ch-ch-changes)

It would be an understatement to say a lot has happened in my life since my last post. In the span of two months, I traveled to London (again); got engaged to the man of my dreams; graduated from college; landed an internship at Food & Wine; moved to New York City; went to London another time, then to Brussels, then back to NYC; and finally, started planning a wedding. My own wedding. In London. (Cue high-pitched girlish shrieks.)

Perhaps the only thing that has been consistent recently is my lack of blogging… but today I am going to change that, too.

I figure a good place to start is with my recent trip to Europe. As a graduation celebration, I went with my fiancé, Leo, and two of our friends to Rock Werchter, a music festival in a little village in Belgium. We camped out, drank a lot of beer, ate a lot of deep-fried spring rolls, and saw a lot of amazing musicians be amazing. (Note: I have never before in my life fangirled as hard as I did when Death Cab for Cutie played Soul Meets Body.) Read more

january in london: biddiekitchen’s top ten

London is by far my favorite city in the world. I was lucky enough to spend the past three weeks there visiting the people I love, seeing some pretty cool things, and eating incredible food. I ended up cooking a fair amount because of the tiny but glorious market located right by my boyfriend’s house in Herne Hill, which sells the most beautiful produce I’ve ever laid eyes on. Most days I would wake up, make coffee, go for a run, work on my thesis research, and make myself a cute little brunch. In the evenings, Leo and I would usually cook dinner (he did most of the work) while watching episodes of MasterChef Professionals (the best show to grace television screens). Pretty much my idea of a perfect night in.

I also ventured out some days to explore. My friends and I played tourists at The Globe and Tate Modern, bummed around Brixton, and went clubbing in Camden (slight cringe). This past weekend we even took a little road trip to Bath and Bristol that may or may not have ended with a six hour tow back to London after Leo’s car broke down on the A4 (the struggle was, in fact, real). Despite that minor drawback, we had a great trip. It was mostly planned around food and every place we went never failed to impress.

Here, in no particular order (mostly because I am too emotionally attached to all of these foods to rank them), are my favorite eats from my January in Londontown: Read more