homemade funfetti mini cakes with strawberry frosting

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you are either cuddling with a cute person or animal, or eating far too much sugar, or both. I am grounded firmly in the sugar consumption camp today (but if you are either my betrothed or a fluffy puppy, get over here ASAP so we can change that).

My sugary poison of choice for this comatose day is the cheerful, nostalgic classic called funfetti cake. (Question: Is this an exclusively American thing? My London person had never heard of funfetti.) However, I felt that baking a cake with rainbow sprinkles in the batter wasn’t cloyingly cute enough, so I decided to make it into mini layer cakes, complete with strawberry and vanilla frosting. Three cakes for the price of one! Plus lots of cake scraps to do naughty things with! (Naughty things like THIS and THIS, not the things you’re thinking of.)

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sesame banana bread with peanut butter

This weekend is bound to be one for the books. The first Snowpocalypse of the year is underway, and an even more monumental event is slated to occur in the coming hours: MY BACHELORETTE PARTY.

That’s right, folks, even the force of nature that is this godforsaken blizzard can’t keep me from taking the train uptown to drink a problematic amount of whiskey and be a basic bachelorette with some of the people I love most. We even have a hashtag. It’s one of THOSE events.

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