fork-and-knife cinnamon oatmeal breakfast cookie with yogurt and fruit

Oatmeal is my spirit food (this is a very official technical term). It often gets a bad rap for being bland, gloopy and—dare I say it—basic, but I’m here to prove all of you soulless oatmeal slanderers wrong. read more

shakshuka with chickpeas and cucumber yogurt

This is a shakshuka appreciation post. It’s long overdue.

The first time I had shakshuka was in the hellishly tiny kitchen of my college apartment a few years ago (I’m a latecomer to the world of shakshuka, I know).

I woke up one morning, probably more than a little hungover, to the smell of garlic frying. Sensing that a hangover cure was nearby, I stumbled into the kitchen and onto a beautiful sight: my best friend and then-roommate, Daniel, simmering a spicy, garlicky, cumin-heavy tomato sauce on the stovetop. The sauce alone was enough to excite me, but then Daniel told me he was about to poach eggs in it.

The game was forever changed. Read more

peanut butter pan-roasted granola, caramelized banana, and “honee” yogurt breakfast bowl

I took a rather long hiatus from blogging over the past few months–I was so busy working on my thesis that I didn’t really have time to do much else besides snap a picture of my food and scarf it down before my rehearsals (besides that one time the recipe for my Mint and Coriander Yogurt Breakfast Tartine was featured on Yahoo Health). Now that I am done with all of my university coursework (!!!), this biddie is excited to spend more time in the kitchen.

This morning I was craving something simple and sweet. I decided to make a quick pan-roasted granola to feed my craving. I love pan-roasting granola because it is fast, easy, and ridiculously tasty. It also allows me to make single servings at a time so that I don’t end up eating a huge batch of granola all at once… yay for built-in self-control, am I right? Read more