pita panzanella with za’atar

Friday – wine and cheese in the park + season two of Fargo (Kirsten Dunst is forever a babe) + early bedtimes

Saturday – swinging from treetops (literally) + sunny pub times + too much dessert

Sunday – Leo’s birthday (yay!) + phone call to Betsy + homemade strawberry tart + split whipped cream (wah!) + extra chocolate to remedy the situation + board games in the park + Japanese dinner with a million courses + more season two of Fargo (still luh you, Kirsten)

Monday – sunburn + comedown from a stellar weekend + admiring our baby lemon tree (still thinking of a name) + two cups of coffee + pita panzanella with za’atar (inspired by my name is yeh)

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chocolate, banana, and hazelnut granola

It happened! Last week! The thing I prepped for all those months! The thing I moved to London to do! I wore a pretty blue dress and said some nice words in a room full of light to the man that I love! And now we are legally bound to each other! (That’s a good thing!)

I’m still a little excited about that whole marriage thing I did last week, if you can’t tell. I hate to sound over-the-top, but the entire day was pretty much a dream. A whimsical, lovely, emotional, exhausting dream. The week started out with my parents, brothers, and grandparents flying over from Ohio to meet Leo’s family and see some sights. We did tourist-y things and ate donuts and drank tea, but before we knew it, the wedding day was knockin’ down the door.

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oat waffles (or, betsy’s favorite waffles)

I said goodbye to New York City last week. Next week, I’m saying goodbye to this whole damn country. It’s strange and exciting and just thinking about it makes me want to put on Vanessa Carlton and dance out all my emotions. Luckily, I’m currently packing up my stuff at my parents’ house in Ohio, so there aren’t too many people around to witness me doing just that.

Moving out of NYC was quite the challenge, mostly because I accumulated so many things while living there and had to lug a delicate wedding dress on the plane along with a million other suitcases (okay, three). And it certainly wasn’t easy leaving my really cool, smart, gorgeous friends in New York who eat vegan tacos with me and listen to my complaints about the price of almond butter. They’re the best.

So here I am in suburbia, packing (and not packing), watching House of Cards (and finishing House of Cards in two days), running occasionally (but mostly sitting and/or walking), and making a lot of waffles. Surprisingly healthy and seriously tasty waffles. Waffles so delicious, Betsy (my mother, who makes a mean waffle herself) dubbed them her FAVORITE waffles of all time—and I think I know why. Read more

go-to baked oatmeal

Today I’ll keep things short and sweet, mostly because it’s my second-to-last weekend in New York before I move and I’m dyin’ to get outside and enjoy this 50-degree weather.

I’ve been meaning to post my go-to recipe for baked oatmeal for a while now. Baking is my favorite way to cook oatmeal because it creates a crispy golden brown top with a silky, spoonable center. This recipe is easily scaled up or down, it yields a result that isn’t too sweet without being bland, and it’s highly customizable. In short, it rocks. This morning I topped my oatmeal with kefir, strawberries, blackberries, chia seeds, honey, and strawberry jam, but it’s also great with nut butters, tahini, brown sugar, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

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bacon, egg, and parmigiano porridge

Well, I’m back in New York after a lovely ten days in London, and there’s plenty I could write about my trip. I could tell you about how unreasonably nervous I was during my visa interview, or how my best Australian pals Alex and Rosey planned a surprise bachelorette outing for me, complete with Billy Elliot tickets (and no strippers), or how Leo and I took a fabulous sushi- and tempura-making class and ate a dangerous amount of white rice. I could describe for you how I watched four seasons of Game of Thrones while downing a full bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream on ice (one of my many weaknesses). And I probably should give you vivid details about the many mind-blowingly tasty donuts I consumed.

But I won’t, dear friend. Not today. Because today, only one thing matters: bacon, egg, and Parmigiano porridge. I’m here to tell you all about it.

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