Paste Magazine: 10 Solo Recipes for Treating Yourself This Valentine’s Day (#1)

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Factor Magazine:

Space Pizza and Robotic Gardens: Producing Food in Orbit

Electronic Nose Gives Robots the Power to Smell

Children Train Robots in School to Prepare for the Future Workplace

Self-Healing Materials to Repair iPhones and Consumer Culture

The Rise of Telepresence Robots for Business and Beyond

The Revival of the Airship: Cargo Transport Today, Sky Resort Tomorrow?

Scientists Reveal Plans for Largest Dark Matter Detector in the World

Nanny, Personal Assistant, Storyteller, Pet: The Many Roles of Jibo the Family Robot

Reusable Spacecraft to Make Space Travel More Affordable and Accessible

NASA Scientists Reveal Their Plan for Finding Life Beyond Earth

Factor Reviews: Microsoft’s Mobile Apps for Grads

Sweet Deal: Yarn Made from Molasses is First 100% Plant-Based Polyester

LG’s Child-Tracking Device is a Dangerous Step Towards Normalising Surveillance

Treating Trauma: Brain Prosthetics to Bridge Memory Gaps

Salad in Deep Space: Robot Gardeners to Grow Food for Astronauts Aboard Spacecraft

Watch Out: Wearable Projects Time, Emails and Twitter Notifications Onto Your Hand

Touch the Beat: Wearable Music Control at Your Fingertips

Humanising AI: The 30 Year Project to Build a Brain

Bio-Bot Breakthrough: Tiny Machines with Muscle Tissue Take a Walk

Tiny Treatment, Big Effect: Nanotechnology to Treat Bone Cancer

Brain Control at the Flick of a Light Switch

Google Cardboard Brings Virtual Reality and Pizza to the Masses

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