the biddie

My name is Katherine Grace Malczewski, but you can call me Kate. I believe in the life-giving power of extra-crunchy peanut butter and the healing touch of a well-thought-out cheese plate. I’ve lived in Ohio, Georgia, Connecticut, and New York, but I recently hopped across the pond to marry my best friend and make a life with him in London. No matter the city, my love for cooking and traveling is a constant. I created biddiekitchen as an outlet for devising and adapting recipes that are meaningful to me and to the people I love, using ingredients and methods that are compatible with a realistically healthy lifestyle (realistically. like I said, I really like cheese. And I can get down with a pint or two). Continue reading and follow me on Instagram (@biddiekitchen) for documentation of my food-based travels and culinary creations.

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