potato, leek, and cauliflower galette


I’m going to Ohio next week! I’m going to Ohio next week!

I never thought I would say this, but I love Ohio.

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, suburbia felt claustrophobic to me. As an introvert, I wasn’t too thrilled that I would see someone I knew everywhere I went (mostly because I was/ sometimes still am the most awkward child on the face of the earth). I disliked that if I wanted to go somewhere, I had to drive or hitch a ride with my parents (fun fact about me: I hate driving, partly because I sort of fall asleep every time I get on the open road. I call it car-colepsy). I dreamed of living in a big city, one in which I could walk through the grocery store in peace and take public transport everywhere.


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hail mary (spiced iced coffee cocktail)


All week, I was set on making the ultimate bubble tea recipe. I bought the boba and those fat, colorful bubble tea straws. I researched how to cook tapioca pearls to chewy perfection. I tried cooking the boba for different lengths of time, with different amounts of water, over different temperatures. I tested ratios of tea to milk. I even made a gingery, spicy sugar syrup that would take the bubble tea into cozy autumnal territory.

Guess what?

It was a disaster.

Despite all my attempts, the boba never turned out right. Ooozing on the outside, starchy, hard, and unpleasant in the middle, I just couldn’t turn those tapioca pearls into the bouncy boba I saw in restaurants and cafés. I was disappointed and had to toss each batch I worked on.

But all was not lost: It occurred to me that there was one very successful part of this failed recipe—the spiced simple syrup. I realized it would taste damn good in another drink. I went back to the drawing board. I decided to veer away from tea and make the drink with strong iced coffee instead, for an extra-caffeinated buzz.

Oh, and rum. Because if there wasn’t going to be any boba in my beverage, there might as well be alcohol in it.

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sundays in brixton


My favorite place in the world materializes on Sundays. Right around the corner from our house, a little market sets up early every Sunday morning. The traders put up their tents and fill their tables with handmade scarves, warm sourdough, antiques, olives, local apples and pears, and layered cakes. One food stall begins cooking curries and another prepares a huge skillet of sliced potatoes with impossible amounts of butter, bacon, and Camembert. Up the street, one of my favorite food vendors lays out an array of colorful, crunchy chickpea and lentil salads.

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cherry bakewell energy bars


As much as I love coming up with new and exciting ideas for original recipes, a part of me absolutely adores all those “copycat” recipes I see on Pinterest. You know the kind: “Copycat Red Lobster Biscuits!” “Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie Copycat Recipe!” “Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino!” The idea of being able to make a perfectly engineered, big-name food product at home with real ingredients is undeniably appealing (I can make Girl Scout cookies at home? Year-round? Without having to chase down a little girl in a green vest? Sign me up!) .

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mochi donuts with red bean filling


Pretty much every day is a donut day for me. (That’s what I get for working in a café/ artisanal donut bakery/ carb heaven.) Whether I’m drooling over the cinnamon scrolls during my shift or making my own donuts at home in my freakin’ adorable mini donut pan, there’s no shortage of sugary, hole-y baked goods in my life. I even had cream-filled donuts instead of a cake at my wedding reception. Things are serious.

So how do I not get all donutted out? The ugly truth is, sometimes I do. During those dark times, I do unthinkable things like drink ginger shots and meal-prep quinoa for the week (gasp!). But my love of donuts is always, always rekindled. The key to falling in love with donuts all over again is to have a particularly special donut day, one in which I have a donut that’s so well-made, so creative, or so satisfying that it recharges my passion for donuts entirely.

Today is one of those special donut days. Today, I present you with a donut-mochi hybrid that brings together the squishy texture and starchy flavor of sweet rice flour with the cuteness of a donut. The individual donuts themselves are relatively thin, and thus work well sandwiched together with a red bean filling in the middle. Spoon a coconut milk glaze on top and prepare for your faith in donuts to be restored.



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